Everyone is going blond -- Cyndi Lauper, Angelica Houston, and Naomi Campbell are all changing their hair color

Talk about the blond leading the blond! After fashion’s brief affair with ”brainy” brunettes (like models Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford), many a trendsetter is giving in once again to blond ambition. Isabella Rossellini began the wig-out in last summer’s Wild at Heart. Now model Naomi Campbell, actress Justine Bateman, and singer Cyndi Lauper have all taken to hiding their darker locks. Even fashion dropout Roseanne Barr can be seen in a platinum wig on a current magazine cover. And watch for an ash-blond Anjelica Huston in the upcoming Grifters and a lighter, curlier coiffure on Demi Moore in The Butcher’s Wife. Perhaps the most daring switch was by model-of-the-moment Linda Evangelista, who shocked the fashion world by bleaching out for her lip-synching on George Michael’s new ”Freedom 90” video. Why’d she do it? ”Just for the change of it,” says hairstylist Benjamin Forrest of New York’s Oribe, who handled the dye job. ”Linda likes to take risks. She was the first (supermodel) to cut her hair.” Besides, as Forrest notes, ”it’s not permanent.”