A Hip Hop Rapsody

No misspellings in Attitude: A Hip Hop Rapsody. This album is truly a ”rapsody” — gritty, soulful, butt- burning, confrontational, contagious. Queens-bred Shazzy, 21, is one of the most eloquent women in rap. She’s sassy like Salt-n-Pepa, raw like MC Lyte, graceful like Queen Latifah. And the background music is as fluid as her rhymes — pounding beats, deep bass, gyrating rhythms, smoky piano licks, and some unusual sampling (from old radio clips to Donovan). Shazzy may rap as fast and furiously as hip-hop pro Rakim, of the hard-hitting duo Eric B. & Rakim, but she has more compassion for her victims. In ”Heartbreaker” she even gets down on herself for playing the tease — she doesn’t boast about her conquests. And for all the male rappers who call women ”bitches” and ”hoes,” she’s coined quite a term — ”Giggahoe” (a play on ”gigolo”) — that turns out to be one of the album’s best tracks. In ”Giggahoe,” Shazzy raps, ”I ain’t livin’ like a low-budget lookalike/I got too much love to give that’s just too hype.” Never mind that she comes from the mean streets; Shazzy believes in love and in herself. A-

A Hip Hop Rapsody
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