Unsuccessful TV adaptations -- The films that, unlike ''M*A*S*H'' and ''The Odd Couple,'' failed on smaller screens

Two rules you must remember about TV adaptations:

1) Blockbuster movies almost never make successful TV series.
2) The networks almost always ignore Rule 1.

For every film that turns out to fit the tube beautifully — M*A*S*H and The Odd Couple are classic examples — a dozen such ideas flower, wither, and die. Wrongheaded casting may be to blame: Fess Parker was a swell Davy Crockett, but he couldn’t carry Jimmy Stewart’s hat in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (ABC, 1962-63). Other conversions simply wear thin fast. How many times can you really watch Friday the 13th (syndicated from 1987 to 1990)? Below are 20 other shows that couldn’t survive the shrinkage from big to small screen:

?Shane (ABC, 1966)
?Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (ABC, 1969-70)
?Barefoot in the Park (ABC, 1970-71)
?Born Free (NBC, 1974)
?The Planet of the Apes (CBS, 1974)
?Paper Moon (ABC, 1974-75)
?Serpico (NBC, 1976-77)
?Logan’s Run (CBS, 1977-78)
?The Bad News Bears (CBS, 1979-80)
?Freebie and the Bean (CBS, 1980-81)
?Breaking Away (ABC, 1980-81)
?Walking Tall (NBC, 1981)
?Private Benjamin (CBS, 1981-83)
?Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (CBS, 1982-83)
?Stir Crazy (CBS, 1985-86)
?Starman (ABC, 1986-87)
?Down and Out in Beverly Hills (Fox, 1987)
?Nothing in Common (NBC, 1987)
?Baby Boom (NBC, 1988-89)
?Working Girl (NBC, 1990)