Keenen Ivory's ''Fly Girl'' search -- The ''In Living Color'' star helped select the series' newest dancer

Keenen Ivory Wayans slouches in a canvas director’s chair, a pained smile frozen on his face as he watches a pair of semi-clad 18-year-old twins shake their booties five feet in front of him. The star of the Fox network’s hit variety series In Living Color went to New York earlier this month in search of a new ”Fly Girl”-one of the show’s athletically sexy hip-hop dancers (choreographed weekly by Rosie Perez)-and his open-call audition at the Palladium drew a swarm of more than 750 young hoofers. ”All the other Fly Girls are from Los Angeles,” Wayans explains during a break. ”We wanted to give New York girls a chance.” A wannabe dressed in thigh-high boots and a halter top sashays into view, flashing Wayans a giant grin. ”New York dancers are more expressive,” he continues. ”They’re not inhibited at all.” But in the end, they didn’t quite take off. A trio of New York finalists was whisked to the West Coast, where they competed against the finalists of an audition held there. The winner: Carla Garrido (left, in blue) a 19-year-old resident of- where else?-Los Angeles.

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