Another 48 Hrs.

Walter Hill’s overblown sequel, Another 48 HRS., is a big comedown from 48 HRS. Once again, Reggie Hammond (Murphy) is shoved together with the shambling police detective Jack Cates (Nick Nolte). Reggie is out of prison for good now, and he keeps pestering Cates for the 500 grand that Cates promised to store in a safe place. Yet without the antic racial shtick that drove the first movie, there’s no tension to the relationship. The two characters are reduced to beating up on each other every third scene.

Eddie Murphy skulks through the picture like a pasha who has been ordered to perform for his slaves. He still has his laser-accurate timing, but mega-superstardom appears to have coarsened Murphy’s soul. It has taken away his lightness, his devilish charm. C-

Another 48 Hrs.
  • Movie
  • 93 minutes