The release dates of Oscar winners -- Find out if films opening mid-December have better odds of winning an Academy Award

By EW Staff
Updated November 16, 1990 at 05:00 AM EST

When Oscar time rolls around, what really determines which movie wins the coveted gold statuette? Check this out: All but one of the Academy Award Best Picture winners of the past five years opened the same week — between the 12th and 19th of December.

Driving Miss Daisy(Dec. 13, 1989)
Rain Man (Dec. 16, 1988)
Platoon (Dec. 19, 1986)
Out of Africa (Dec. 18, 1985)

The one exception is the 1987 Oscar winner The Last Emperor, which opened in November. But using the mid-December rule of thumb, 1990’s Best Picture Award should go to one of the following movies: Havana (Dec. 12); Almost an Angel (Dec. 14); The Sheltering Sky (Dec. 14); Edward Scissorhands (Dec. 14); Mermaids (Dec. 14); or Hamlet (Dec. 19).