Mary Wilson's tell-all sequel -- The book that's putting the former Motown star at odds with Diana Ross fans

Last month, Mary Wilson published Supreme Faith, the sequel to 1987’s Dreamgirl, her tell-all about the not-so-Supreme backstage life of the Motown super-girl group. Roadie Tony Turner also has just published his own version, All That Glittered, in which he maintains that Wilson isn’t quite the angel she paints herself. When Wilson arrived in New York last month on a book tour, her troubles mounted: Someone anonymously placed an ad in The Village Voice demanding, ”Mary Wilson Stop! Bashing Diana Ross. It’s disgusting. Find another job.” Then a bomb threat was phoned to a bookstore where she was scheduled to sign books. Police didn’t find a bomb, but Wilson, who knows a photo op when she sees one, posed with cops Supremes-style outside the store. Then she signed more than 300 copies of Faith, proving either that somebody understands publicity or that there ain’t no mountain high enough to keep her from dishing Diana.