Overhyped British bands clamoring to be The Next Big Thing are numerous and inevitably disappointing. This Glasgow quartet of opportunists, who recently jumped on the psychedelic dance-rock bandwagon being driven by Manchester groups like Happy Mondays, are no exception. The music on their third LP, Lovegod, is pleasant enough — can’t-miss dance beats heaped with singsong ’60s vocal melodies and unimpressive but effective guitar riffs. Which is why ”I’m Free,” a remake of an obscure Stones song updated with a reggae-style rap or ”toast,” is a current favorite among American college kids. Even so, there’s something disingenuous about this band (whose 1987 debut album was a direct rip-off of punk pioneers the Buzzcocks) and the sound they’ve currently adopted (which isn’t even that exciting when performed by authentic Manchester groups). C

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