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Pub-lic Approval
Cheers to Cheers! I thoroughly enjoyed your cover story (Oct. 26) on one of the smartest, funniest, and best-cast shows ever on television. From your opening photo, it looks like the cast has more fun offscreen than we have watching them every Thursday night. One can only guess at what transpired to get Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson to pose pants-less.
Julie Kozlowski
Tampa, Fla.

Your cover story on Cheers was completely enjoyable. Not only did it refresh my memory on the series’ eight-year history (I’ve been a fan since the premiere), but for one recent fan (my fiancé) the story provided a better understanding of the characters and the parts they play.
Karen Hutchinson
New York

As a longtime Cheers fan, I have to say that the Sam and Diane years were the best. In the early episodes the writers blended brilliant comedy with moments of great insight, warmth, and even poignancy. Lately, the show’s become more of a joke-fest, with its characters deprived of much of their depth and dignity. The Boston bar is still a funny place to visit every week, but I miss the days when we were allowed to know more about everyone than just their names.
Tim Irving
San Diego

I found your story on Cheers to be both entertaining and insightful. However, I believe the article had a glaring omission in its character profiles. Though her face has never been shown, Norm’s wife, Vera, is as cleverly conceived and memorable as any of the other Cheers regulars. Thank you for an always enjoyable magazine.
Brian D. Carpenter
Denton, Texas

I really enjoyed the Cheers story and the vignettes of its stars. What a weekly treat it is to drop in, if only for a half hour. As for that inside group picture taken before Woody and Sam got their pants on: It was kind of Sam to reveal that he did have his jockeys on, but what about Woody?
Laurence E. Miller
Fairfax, Va.

Memphis Belle Breakthrough
I was amazed to read in your article ”Final Mission” that the B-17 bomber that my father piloted during World War II lives on in France. My dad, 1st Lt. Morton Tolchinsky, won the Distinguished Flying Cross on Nov. 27, 1944, after completing 35 missions over Europe flying the Lucky Lady. While my husband and I were watching a sneak preview of Memphis Belle, I commented during one airborne formation that my father could have been the squadron leader. Little did I know that his actual plane was in that scene! Incredible!
Meryl Tolle Cohn
East Rockaway, N.Y.

Fab Four Encore
Thanks for the closing page and photo of the Beatles. However, it is difficult for me to believe that the generations are so far apart that you had to identify them in the caption. I’m sure everyone can still recognize Paul, George, John, and Ringo by sight?and by song.
Toni Sturtevant
Jefferson, N.H.