Sweet Revenge

Now that Carrie Fisher is basking in a lot of literary hoopla (occasioned by her script for Postcards From the Edge and her new book, Surrender the Pink), Sweet Revenge might appear a tempting choice for fans who would like to catch up with Fisher’s acting days — before the muse overcame her. But this direct-to-cable movie is a barely palatable entry from a fairly talented actress.

Fisher plays Linda, a wealthy attorney in Paris forced to pay her ex-husband (John Sessions) alimony to make up for the years he was putting her through law school. Rather than foot the bill, Linda hires starving actress Kate (Rosanna Arquette) to woo her ex into a quick marriage that would nullify the divorce settlement. Soon Kate begins to feel guilty about scamming, and — wouldn’t you know it — starts to fall for the guy, and when…Zzzzzzzz.

Despite a charming performance by Sessions and a few lovely Parisian locales, the attempted screwball-style antics of Sweet Revenge merely crawl along. More disturbing is the fact that a film written and directed by women (Janet Brownell penned the script) would settle for such mindless female stereotypes. Just because she is a successful attorney, does Kate have to be stony, heartless, and greedy?

Sweet Revenge is one sour morsel. Carrie Fisher fans would fare much better with When Harry Met Sally… or even the Star Wars movies. D+

Sweet Revenge
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