The film adaptation of ''Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll'' -- Get the details on the movie version of Eric Bogosian's stage production

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

Downtown New York writer-actor Eric Bogosian (Talk Radio) is taking his latest one-man show — Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll — to the screen. The solo performance, which played to sold-out houses throughout its extended Off Broadway run last spring, will be distributed by Avenue Pictures sometime next year. Bogosian’s hauntingly funny series of characterizations, ranging from a cutthroat financier to a homeless panhandler to a jaded rock star, was released as an album on SBK Records in September. The movie version, tentatively scheduled to be shot during Bogosian’s week-long Boston stint in early December, will be directed by John McNaughton, whose X-rated film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer has been a sleeper sensation this year. ”I start doing my show,” Bogosian jokes about McNaughton’s penchant for ultraviolence, ”then halfway through someone runs up onstage with a machete and starts hacking me to pieces.”

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
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