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Feedback from our readers

Civil Praise
Thank you for all the space devoted to the Civil War in your Oct. 19 issue. My great-grandfather, Robert Melvin Jessup, was badly wounded in the second battle at Bull Run (in Manassas, Va.), so obviously your pieces had strong personal appeal for me. One superb book you did not mention is The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War, with narrative by Bruce Catton.
Dr. Percy W. Jessup Jr.
Fayetteville, N.C.

Thanks for the great issue on the Civil War. The only thing you all overlooked was Estill Curtis Pennington’s wonderful volume Look Away: Reality and Sentiment in Southern Art. This book is a knockout, and, even though it is not entirely about the war, it leads one into the conflict in a unique way and shows what the ramifications were for Southern art to this day.
Grayson Roquemour
Loganville, Ga.

A Hit We Missed?
In your nearly perfect Oct. 12 cover story on the 25 greatest mob movies of all time, you list almost every great and near-great movie anybody could ever think of. What I don’t understand is how come Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America didn’t make your list?
Steve Baum
Los Angeles

Doctor Doom Delights
Thank you for the article about Kurt Vonnegut in the Oct. 12 issue. I’ve been a fan of his for years and enjoy it when he gets some well-deserved attention. I’ve long admired his ability to make a reader of his novels laugh and get angry at the same time. A new Vonnegut book is always great to read to see what he’ll poke fun at. Thanks again for the fine funny piece on one of our most talented authors.
Tige Dickinson
White Cloud, Mich.

Defending Robbins
Ira Robbins is the finest rock journalist in the world. He comes to Entertainment Weekly with a loyal following. When British punk and New Wave came to our shores, it was his publication, Trouser Press, that captured the essence and spirit of a whole generation. Since he was attacked in your letters column recently by fans of Rush and David Cassidy, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading his reviews in your fine magazine.
Bill Ficek
Oceanside, Calif.

Gratitude for Gleiberman
Bravo Owen Gleiberman, for your enticing review of Reversal of Fortune (Oct. 19). I am a great fan of all three stars in this film (Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons, and Ron Silver) and I have been fascinated by the Von Bulow case for years. Your review was so delicious that I now feel compelled to go see this movie!
Ken Malucelli
San Francisco