The showcase and vacation spots of the stars -- A list venues and getaway locales where you'll find the biggest names in movies, TV, and more

The Big Events for Both Coasts
They’re the world’s toughest parties to crash. No flack can hustle you onto a guest list, no bodyguard can muscle you through the door. They’re so exclusive, even the help have multipicture deals.

Power Showcases
Superagent Swifty Lazar’s Oscar-night party at L.A.’s Spago, where the winners go to polish their statuettes and the losers go to drown their sorrows in designer pizza.

Post-Emmy party, usually at Spago. This year David Lynch held court at Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel, where guests tried to ignore the fact that the Twin Peaks creator had won no awards.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dinner, held in January at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria, where rock’s version of the Fortune 500 roast, toast, and compare royalties. Every player in the music industry wants to join the après- dinner jam session.

PEN Mont Blanc Literary Gala, held in early spring in New York City, where the literati meet the glitterati. This year’s co-host Gayfryd Steinberg resigned after PEN board member Ken Auletta accused her husband, financier Saul, of being a ”pretty sleazy character.”

Power Vacations
Aspen (Christmas week)
Everybody in Hollywood goes nobody skis. Power events last winter included Marvin Davis’ New Year’s Eve party and Jon Peters’ and Peter Guber’s ski-mobile chase.

The Hamptons (July 4 through Labor Day)
Everyone in Manhattan goes nobody sunbathes. The season’s power event is the late-August artists-vs.-writers softball game in East Hampton. Atlantic Monthly-U.S. News owner Mort Zuckerman pitches, Paul Simon is in left field, and George Plimpton plays the infield.

Are You a Player?
This quiz will tell all
Are you a mover and shaker? A force to be reckoned with? A master of the universe? To find out how much clout you have, take ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s simple power quiz:

Has a New York deli named a sandwich after you (and not chopped liver)?
Do your T-shirts outsell Bart’s?
Does your dog have a six-figure contract with Random House?
Does your name appear on the jacket of the latest industry expose-in a negative context?
When the National Enquirer speculates about your cosmetic surgery, does it get the body part wrong?
Does your detox center have a four-star restaurant? With cocktail bar?
Does your Rolodex start with Alda and end with Zwick?
Does your limo have an unlisted fax number?
Does Louis Rukeyser alliterate your name on Wall Street Week?
Have you been asked to do a voice for a prime-time TV cartoon?

(Give yourself $250,000 for every yes. If you scored less than $2 million, move to the back of the B list.)