Quigley Down Under

As far as I know, a movie in which a woman’s breasts are repeatedly exposed will always get an R rating. But the vapid, cutesy, knockabout Western comedy Quigley Down Under proves an interesting exception. The movie stars Tom Selleck as Wyoming sharpshooter Matthew Quigley, who heads down to Australia to go to work for a wealthy rancher (Alan Rickman). When he learns what his job is — he’s supposed to help weed out the local aborigine population — he decides to fight for what’s right. Along the way, there are many naked-to-the-waist shots of aborigine women. Yet the film is rated PG-13. Did the MPAA figure that a movie this old-fashioned, featuring a poky, neo-Wagon Train score and an airbrushed hunk like Selleck, automatically deserves a less restrictive rating? Or is it simply that if a woman happens to be a ”native” her breasts don’t really count? D-

Quigley Down Under
  • Movie
  • 119 minutes