Liz Fulton, Bruce Willis, and Elvis Costello made headlines this week

Los Angeles disc jockey Rick Dees, host of ABC’s after-hours schmoozefest Into the Night, is being sued by a former radio newswoman. Liz Fulton, 37, claims she was fired from her radio job because she wasn’t ”sexy enough” for Dees. Fulton also says she was humiliated in 1988 when Dees performed a sketch on an L.A. TV talk show in which a bikini-clad model — misidentified as Fulton — was led away in handcuffs. A Dees spokesman states that Fulton’s contract was not renewed due to ”routine programming considerations and in no way constituted sex discrimination.”

Tony Scott (Days of Thunder) is directing The Last Boy Scout, which will star Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans (TV’s In Living Color). Screenwriter Shane Black’s Boy Scout script, which set a record with its $1.75 million price tag, is about an ex-football player who teams with a detective to solve a murder.
Rush, Kim Wozencraft’s autobiographical story of an undercover policewoman who becomes a drug addict, will mark the directorial debut of Lili Zanuck, who with her husband, Richard, took home the best picture Oscar as coproducer of Driving Miss Daisy.

Elvis Costello has recorded an album of remakes of ’50s rhythm & blues songs, but his label, Warner Bros., won’t release it until he’s finished a studio album of all-new material.