Hear from Managing Editor James V. Seymore Jr. about EW magazine's bold new redesign

Editor’s note from the week of November 2, 1990

As any reporter knows, change is news. For 10 months now, we have tried to keep you abreast of changes in the dazzling, varied, complex world of entertainment, but this week we also have a little news of our own to tell you about. To reflect the way readers actually use ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, we’re making some important changes in the magazine.

For starters, we have a bold new design for the Contents page. Then ”News & Notes,” which used to be on five separate pages scattered throughout the magazine, has been consolidated into one lively department that will open each issue. This week ”News & Notes” begins on page 6, and I think you will agree that this fast-paced coverage of the latest in movies, TV, music, books, video, and kids’ entertainment has never been better. A spirited survey of bright new faces, major casting news, comebacks, trends, and other topics of interest, ”News & Notes” will be followed by our weekly four or five feature stories. In this issue, however, that space is dedicated to only one article: our look at the 101 (okay, one of them is just for fun) most powerful men and women in the popular arts today. We’re pretty excited about our first version of what we expect to become an annual feature — 101 Power People.

In another major change, from now on we will publish the review sections sequentially in one convenient package. Many of our subscribers have said it would be easier to move from the TV reviews, say, to the music reviews without having feature stories in between. This change solves that problem. In the months since our launch, we also have learned that our movie reviews are so popular that we have put them at the beginning of the entire review package. This week they begin on page 44.

Because change is life even more than it is news, there will be more changes in the appearance and content of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in the coming weeks. We will make this fledgling magazine, which already attracts some 3 million readers, more fun to read and easier to use in any way we can. We hope you like what you see.