Nightmare on the 13th Floor

Michele Greene (L.A. Law) plays a travel writer who checks into a grand Victorian hotel to review it. Now, when you or I have a bad hotel experience, it’s because the sheets are dirty or the room service is slow. But when Michele Greene has a bad hotel experience, she finds…a Satanic cult led by an ax murderer who has turned the hotel staff into blood-drinking zombies!! Try getting mints on your pillow with this crew.

The Halloween thriller Nightmare on the 13th Floor should have been a hoot. Instead, it’s a drag, hokey and talky and jerky. At the climax, the Satanist leader comes at Greene, swinging his ax and moaning, ”You’re number 16, the last one — I need your life!”

I have a question: If something naughty happens anywhere in America on the night this movie is shown, will one of those right-wing fundamentalist groups that deplore Halloween and want to ban heavy metal sue the USA Network for promoting Satanism? I’d hate to encourage censorship, but if something legal could be done to keep this cable channel from making these awful TV movies…D-

Nightmare on the 13th Floor
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