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Mail from our readers

Strip Mining
I very much enjoyed your cover story ”The Funnies” in the Oct. 5 issue, but was disappointed not to find more about my own personal favorite, Prince Valiant. In its early, full-page days, it was truly glorious! And no one around now will ever equal Harold Foster’s artistic ability.
Elsie Merchant
Pilot Point, Tex.

I just bought my first copy of your magazine because of your ”Funnies” cover story. I enjoyed the piece and agreed with most of it, except for the kind words directed at that annoying cat-toon Garfield. I personally would like to see him squashed by a truck.
Don Hammarstrom

I was thrilled by your choice of Calvin and Hobbes as the best comic strip. That, The Far Side, Nancy, and Fox Trot are among my favorites. On the other hand, Blondie, which should really be called Dagwood, gets very tiresome after a while.
Dave Nuttall

It is painfully obvious that your article on comic strips was written by a man — a sexist man. Not only did he refer to Cathy (a funny strip about a thoroughly modern woman) as ”pathetic,” but he also lauded Blondie, one of the most chauvinistic strips of them all.
Charlotte Stafford
Durham, N.C.

I was both surprised and impressed to see a cover story about comics in your Oct. 5 issue. I must say, however, that I find your No. 1 pick, Calvin and Hobbes, to be a slightly dated judgment. Calvin has been coasting on its reputation for a while and Fox Trot will soon be known as America’s best strip.
Josh Mercer
El Cajon, Calif.

How could you forget, or ignore, the always witty, often hilarious humor of Berke Breathed’s Bloom County? His new Outland also certainly deserved mention. As for Zippy the Pinhead, he should have stayed underground. Love your magazine!
Joan M. Cyr
Cambridge, Mass.

Editor’s Note: Our selection was made from the comics currently running and from classics available in book form. Bloom County, while often hilarious, was terminated last year by Breathed. It is available in hardcover and paperback collections.

The Beat Goes On
In regard to Ira Robbins’ recent ”critique” of David Cassidy’s new album (Oct. 5), he has restored my complete lack of respect for all music critics, particularly those who feel they must carry on the tradition of trashing Cassidy. I sincerely hope Robbins eats his ”generic,” ”insignificant” words after David’s album goes platinum. Bon appétit, Ira.
Lauree Loya
Whittier, Calif.

False, Greg Sandow. The second half of Carly Simon’s new album, Have You Seen Me Lately?, is very convincing. What are you talking about (Oct. 5)? Far from Carly’s voice ”turning lifeless” in spots, it is rich, melodic, and uplifting throughout. Her incredible talent sends shivers up my spine.
Tina Hash
Helena, Mont.