Faith Hope Love

A thinking man’s metal band? That may be a ludicrous concept to some, but it’s the only way to describe King’s X. The group blends a New Age mentality with sonic crunch, psychedelia, folk, and funk — a surprising combination that made its past two albums adventuresome romps through a higher state of mind. However, there’s a fine line between transcending the material world and getting lost in the ether. The fragmented sounds of Faith Hope Love show a need for the group to get back to planet Earth.

The first half of the album veers off into a ’60s time warp. The acid rock guitar and Beatlesque harmonies of ”I’ll Never Get Tired of You” and ”Mr. Wilson” seem to come from a world of peace symbols and love beads. But before mummification sets in, the group dusts itself off and comes back to the ’90s. ”Talk to You,” with its wicked riffs and tough-guy vocals, shows that this high-minded bunch has a much-needed edge behind its lofty ideals. That’s what made the band so appealing in the first place.

There’s at least one good thing about this album’s split personality: Perhaps King’s X can bridge the generation gap by giving parents something familiar to listen to besides moldy oldies, while their kids sink their teeth into the grittier stuff. What more could a trio of metaphysical metalheads want? B

Faith Hope Love
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