HBO Comedy Hour: Blake Clark

Stand-up comic Blake Clark likes to emphasize that he’s a poor Southern boy trapped in Los Angeles (”They talk about people ‘relating’ to each other out here. ‘Relating’? Me being from Macon, Georgia, ‘relating’ means dating your cousin”), and he delivers his jokes in a big, harsh, scratchy voice. Clark isn’t a shock comic like Sam Kinison or Andrew Dice Clay — his material is comparatively clean — but he’s no less a jerk. You’re supposed to laugh when he refers to an Arab as ”Abdul with a rag on his head and a bomb on the plane,” and he loves to talk about how hen-pecked he is. The title of the show, ”You’re Right…I’m Sorry”, in fact, is, Clark says, his mantra — if he keeps saying it to his wife, he never has to listen to what she’s complaining about. As if his complaints — about driving in traffic, his bratty kids, and uncomfortable underwear — were any more entertaining. C-

HBO Comedy Hour: Blake Clark
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