October 19, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a C+

The title may lead you to expect a Motown rap musical, but Def by Temptation, the directorial debut of the splendidly monikered James Bond III, is actually a (very) low-budget, all-Black knockoff of The Exorcist. The plot is simple: A young country minister (Bond), experiencing a crisis of faith, goes to New York to hang with an old friend (the amusing Kadeem Hardison of A Different World) and encounters a gorgeous demon in woman form (Cynthia Bond, who’s not related to actor-director James) at a singles bar. All that, unfortunately, takes forever before it gets to where it’s going (a special effects finale with lots of religious imagery), and the picture veers uneasily between two modes — soft-core sex and violence and home-boy reminiscence. Even worse, it recycles such exploitation flick clichés as all men are pigs, all women are soul-destroying whores, and sex is a nasty, brutal business. Still, by the standards of Troma Films (Surf Nazis Must Die and Toxic Avenger), Def by Temptation is a relatively classy affair, redeemed by good performances. Hopefully, Bond made it strictly for his résumé and will go on to better things in fairly short order. C+

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