Your guide to TV high-schoolers -- Get the lowdown on students from series like ''Hull High'' and ''Beverly Hills 90210''

Another school year, another TV season — in this year’s prime-time lineup, they’re practically the same thing. On almost every night of the week, high- school classes are in session on at least one network, even if the various student bodies raise more questions than they answer. For instance: How could that little creep Ferris Bueller be the most popular kid in his high school? Now that Winnie Cooper towers over Kevin Arnold, will their Wonder Years romance crash on the rocks of adolescence? What could high school possibly teach Twin Peaks‘ Audrey Horne? And finally, if the kids on Head of the Class are so smart, why have they been taking the same course for five years? Here is a directory for those who aren’t sure where to go when the bell rings.

Average Age of Students
Hull High: 19
Ferris Bueller: 16
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: About Ferris’ age
Beverly Hills 90210: 20
The Wonder Years: 14
Head of the Class: 32
Twin Peaks: 24

School Uniform
Hull High: Spandex
Ferris Bueller: J.Crew
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Whatever’s left in Ferris’ closet
Beverly Hills 90210: Armani
The Wonder Years: Sears
Head of the Class: Urban Eclectic
Twin Peaks: Mouseketeers Meet the Hell’s Angels

Favorite Class
Hull High: Tap
Ferris Bueller: Corporate finance
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: See Ferris’ schedule
Beverly Hills 90210: Upper
The Wonder Years: Algebra II
Head of the Class: Stanley Kaplan
Twin Peaks: Forensics

What’s in their lockers
Hull High: Leg warmers
Ferris Bueller: A mirror
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: A picture of Ferris
Beverly Hills 90210: Keys to the Jag
The Wonder Years: Pictures of David Cassidy (girls) or Susan Dey (boys)
Head of the Class: Geritol
Twin Peaks: Severed limbs

What’s in their lunchboxes
Hull High: Toe shoes
Ferris Bueller: Whatever he wants
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Whatever’s left over
Beverly Hills 90210: Ultra Slim-Fast
The Wonder Years: Wonder Bread
Head of the Class: Prune Juice
Twin Peaks: Lady fingers

Where they go to cut class
Hull High: Auditions
Ferris Bueller: The beach
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Ferris’ house
Beverly Hills 90210: Rodeo Drive
The Wonder Years: The mall
Head of the Class: They don’t
Twin Peaks: The roadhouse

Causes of detention
Hull High: Singing off-key
Ferris Bueller: Felonies
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Misdemeanors
Beverly Hills 90210: Fashion violations
The Wonder Years: Passing notes to Winnie
Head of the Class: Getting a B
Twin Peaks: Murdering someone

Status Symbols
Hull High: Singing a solo
Ferris Bueller: Class presidency
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Class vice presidency
Beverly Hills 90210: A car phone
The Wonder Years: A hickey
Head of the Class: Perfect SATs
Twin Peaks: Bullet wounds

Pet Peeves
Hull High: Losing your voice
Ferris Bueller: Having a real emotion
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Being mistaken for you-know-who
Beverly Hills 90210: Losing your Gold Card
The Wonder Years: Getting zits
Head of the Class: Getting a B
Twin Peaks: Getting murdered

Summer jobs
Hull High: Summer stock
Ferris Bueller: Lifeguard
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Junior lifeguard
Beverly Hills 90210: What’s a job?
The Wonder Years: Caddy
Head of the Class: Museum tour guides
Twin Peaks: One-Eyed Jacks

Philosophical heroes
Hull High: Paula Abdul
Ferris Bueller: Michael Milken
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Ferris Bueller
Beverly Hills 90210: The Brat Pack
The Wonder Years: Kevin’s dad
Head of the Class: Plato
Twin Peaks: Eraserhead

What they watch on TV
Hull High: Fame reruns
Ferris Bueller: MTV Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Ferris Bueller
Beverly Hills 90210: Home Shopping Network
The Wonder Years: The Mod Squad
Head of the Class: Nova
Twin Peaks: Invitation to Love

Favorite songs
Hull High: ”Figure of Speech” (”?soft and round as a peach”)
Ferris Bueller: ”Nothing Compares 2 U”
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: ”Nothing Compares to Him”
Beverly Hills 90210: ”Money Changes Everything”
The Wonder Years: ”Abraham, Martin and John”
Head of the Class: ”Theme from Revenge of the Nerds
Twin Peaks: ”Tell Laura I Love Her”

Reading material
Hull High: Variety
Ferris Bueller: Trump: The Art of the Deal
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The Novel
Beverly Hills 90210: Vogue/GQ
The Wonder Years: Love Story
Head of the Class: Plutarch’s Lives
Twin Peaks: Laura’s diary

Sexual experience (last base visited)
Hull High: Still limbering up
Ferris Bueller: Stealing second
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: On deck after Ferris
Beverly Hills 90210: They don’t do bases; they do hot tubs
The Wonder Years: A big lead from first
Head of the Class: Not good at sports
Twin Peaks: A whole other ballpark

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