A Quiet Little Neighborhood, A Perfect Little Murder

Sure, it’s the longest title you ever saw on a TV movie, but it’s better than the original one: Honey, Let’s Kill the Neighbors. In A Quiet Little Neighborhood, A Perfect Little Murder, Teri Garr (Tootsie) and Robert Urich (American Dreamer) star in this clumsy mystery-comedy. They move into a suburban housing development with their baby daughter; Garr switches on the intercom in the baby’s room one night and, because of some technical glitch, it starts picking up a neighborhood conversation about a murder being planned.

Garr spends the rest of the movie trying to find Don and Judy, the would-be killers whose names she overheard; the one funny idea here is that, in this development where all the houses look alike, there are also numerous couples named Don and Judy, making Garr’s amateur detective work difficult.

But the rest of A Quiet Little Neighborhood is tedious, with cheap shots about suburban life, a couple of dull car chases, and a nasty Psycho shower-scene parody near the end.

Oh, before I forget: At one point here, Garr puts her baby to bed for the night, laying the child face-up in her crib. People on TV are always putting their infants down face-up, but I have yet to see anyone do this in real life without the baby bursting into tears. Even Garr’s child is shown, a few minutes later, sleeping face-down. Hey, Hollywood: Babies like to lie on their tummies! C-

A Quiet Little Neighborhood, A Perfect Little Murder
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