New Inside

Teen star Tiffany truly might feel ”new inside,” just as the title of her latest album, New Inside, says. She liberated herself from George Tobin, the aggressive manager who discovered her and produced her earlier two records. Now she’s free to sing R&B instead of pop, as she told interviewers a year ago she wanted to.

Trouble is, the R&B she sings here is the mass-produced kind, electronic and unusually punchy. So yes, she now sounds tough and street smart; she can wail with a vocal strength she never demonstrated before. But the plaintive, even troubled undercurrent in her voice, which was the best thing about her teen pop, mostly gets buried under a barrage of synthesizer effects. The result is an album without much personality — except when Tiffany pours on the passion and nearly goes through the emotional roof, stopping just short of frenzy. It’s nice to know she can do that. But she’d be much more impressive if she did it in classier songs. C

New Inside
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