The Layla Sessions/20th Anniversary Edition

The Layla Sessions 20th Anniversary Edition is the ultimate wet kiss for classic rock: bloating the original Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs album by Eric Clapton’s 1970 band into three CDs, containing the original 14 tracks plus an additional 2.5 hours of alternate takes and unreleased jam sessions from Derek and the Dominos. A smoldering passion play about a bad case of unrequited love, Layla has aged well. But most of the outtakes were left in the can for a reason (namely, they add little to the finished versions), and only worshipers of guitar heroics will feel that the improvisatory guitar duels between Clapton and bandmate Duane Allman produce enough sparks to justify the boxed set’s $45 CD retail price ($35 for cassettes). For casual fans or beginners, the basic Layla remains mercifully in print. C+

The Layla Sessions/20th Anniversary Edition
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