Gangster themed films in theaters -- A brief look at recently released mob movies like ''Desperate Hours'' and ''Miller's Crossing''

Desperate Hours

Miller’s Crossing
Marcia Gay Harden makes her screen debut as Verna, the two-timing tough gal who breaks up the beautiful friendship of a big-city political boss (Albert Finney) and his right-hand man (Gabriel Byrne)

State of Grace
As Frankie Flannery leader of the Irish mob that rules New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, Ed Harris (foreground, with R. D. Call) attempts to form an alliance between his Westies and the Mafia

Desperate Hours
Escaped criminal Mickey Rourke needs a hideout and finds it by ringing the doorbell of a suburban home. Taking an entire family hostage, he plays a creepy cat-and-mouse game as the police close in

The Krays
Gary and Martin Kemp portray Ronald and Reginald Kray, the violent British twins who formed ”The Firm” and wrested control of London’s lucrative crime operations from the reigning Italians

King of New York
Christopher Walken puts on a cadaverous countenance for this story of drug lord Frank White, who enjoys donating money to worthy charities when he isn’t gunning down rivals and eluding the three young cops out to nail him

Desperate Hours
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