The latest in Video news the week of October 5, 1990 -- We cover the release of ''The Rocky Horror Picture Show,'' ''BabyVision,'' and Florence Henderson's guide to looking great

Rocky Comes Home
Midnight moviegoers itch-ing to do the Time Warp can do it again — and in the privacy of their own homes — when the deliriously degenerate cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show makes its video debut on Nov. 8 (CBS/ Fox). The 1975 mov- ie still plays weekend engagements in 200 theaters. ”We thought releasing it on video would interfere with the midnight screenings,” says coproducer Lou Adler, ”but we decided the video will entice people into the theater.” Since its release audiences have bought more than $100 million in tickets in order to throw rice during the wedding scene, squirt water guns during the rainstorm, and yell expletives at stars Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon, who play a young couple terrorized by Dr. Frank N. Furter — a ”sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania” played by Tim Curry in fishnet stockings (above, center). The show’s stars will join 2,500 costumed cultists on Oct. 20 for a 15th-anniversary bash in Los Angeles.

Video Mobile
Future couch potatoes of America will go gaga over BabyVision, J2 Communications’ new video for 9-month to 3-year-old kids. The $14.95, two- volume set (each tape runs 45 minutes) entertains this untapped demographic group with music, bright colors, plants, toys, and animals.

Florence Henderson Tells All
”Wherever I go people ask me about my makeup, my hair, my clothes,” says former Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, so she has divulged her secrets in Florence Henderson’s Looking Great, Feeling Great, a personal-care video for almost-golden girls. Best tip: While applying rouge, Florence says push back the shoulders and suck in the stomach. Then, while flexing the buttocks, massage the toes on a baseball bat or rolling pin. Sounds like a real workout.

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