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Feedback from our readers

Fall TV Preview
Yes, Fresh Prince will fail this fall, but not, as you suggest (Sept. 14), due to rap backlash. The poor fellow is pitted against the outstandingly executed and highly entertaining MacGyver series.
Barbara Larson
Darien, Ill.

In reference to your fall TV preview, in which you devoted four pages to Thursday night: How could you totally neglect Knots Landing which is returning for its 12th season? It sure surprised me that you had more to say about Grand, let alone PrimeTime Live. Next fall, assuming Dallas does not return, Knots will be the longest-running series in prime-time.
Craig Evans
Lakewood, Ohio

Finally, a look at the television season that doesn’t say it’s all going to be bad. Your reviews and background information on the new shows — as well as the latest developments on old favorites — make me look forward to watching TV this fall. I know this issue will be useful for weeks to come.
Mildred Quinn
Troy, N.Y.

When are you going to mention Star Trek: The Next Generation? This show is full of talent and greatness, but it didn’t make your fall TV preview. The show is a great boon to vintage Trekkies as well as general sci-fi fans.
Steven M. Light
Boone, N.C.

Regis and Kathie Lee
Congratulations on giving Live With Regis and Kathie Lee a well-deserved A grade (Sept. 14). I started watching the show purely by chance while flipping through the channels one morning. I soon realized this was no ordinary, boring talk show. The hosts’ combination of humor, warmth, and sarcastic wit is magic. I haven’t missed it since.
Brian D. Hassell
Fond du Lac, Wis.

Rush’s Chronicles
In the Sept. 14 issue, there was a short review by Ira Robbins of Rush’s new album, Chronicles. As a longtime fan of the group, I am offended by Robbins’ references to ”Geddy Lee’s joke voice [and] the group’s inanely self-important lyrics and aimless musical meanderings.” I have great respect for their work, in part because they have sold their albums without hit singles or videos filled with half-naked women. I find their music unique, honest, and lyrically thought-provoking. Robbins should spend more time actually listening to the music he reviews.
Tony Caldwell
Pearcy, Ark.

Pinup Boy
I am currently serving in the Air Force and have been deployed to an isolated site in support of Operation Desert Shield. I just happened to get lucky one day and someone gave me a copy of your Aug. 17 issue with a picture on the cover of one of my favorite men in America — Mel Gibson. Mel’s picture looks great above my cot.
Sgt. Anna Tyldesley
4401 AIRPS, Saudi Arabia