Heather Locklear, who wiggled on Dynasty and yelled, ”Freeze!” on T.J. Hooker, chews on a pencil in Going Places. Locklear plays a writer for a Candid Camera-style show. She sits around with a legal pad on her lap, nibbling an eraser, and dreams up funny stunts to trick ordinary people. In an only-in-a- sitcom twist, Locklear and the three other writers on the fictitious show (Jerry Levine, Hallie Todd, Alan Ruck) share a big house they all rent.

Great concept, isn’t it? Talk about viewer identification: You get paid a lot of money to write for a dumb TV show, and you get to work at home with Heather Locklear, oh, 18 hours or so a day.

So why is Going Places so drab? Well, Locklear’s costars are a dim little trio who alternately overact or throw away their best punch lines. And so far, the series hasn’t done much with the TV-show-within-a-TV-show that the writers work for — it’s a premise still waiting to happen. The best supporting player by far is Holland Taylor as the show’s producer. Taylor, a New York stage actress who graced Bosom Buddies with wit and malice, plays essentially the same role here, and does it every bit as well. C

Going Places (TV Show)
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