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Feedback from our readers

Ted Koppel
Your magazine is great, and very informative. I especially enjoyed your cover story about Ted Koppel in the Persian Gulf (Sept. 7). After making fun of his hair in an earlier issue, it was about time you gave the best journalist on TV his due. Fair is fair.
Seth Campbell

News & Notes
Regarding the News & Notes item about Sinéad O’Connor (Sept. 7) banning ”The Star-Spangled Banner” before her shows: I agree with her. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the national anthem, but the song has nothing to do with her music. Sinatra should put a sock in it — and that goes double for radio stations that stopped playing her records.
Jeff McIntyre

The News & Notes item (Sept. 7) about Blockbuster Video’s refusal to carry the 2 Live Crew documentary made me cancel my Blockbuster membership. They have no right to limit my freedom of choice.
Christine Pryor
East Orange, N.J.