Behind the scenes of ''Tiny Toon Adventures'' -- Meet the animated stars of the cartoon series, and the producers who designed them

Tiny Toon Adventures

Carrying a Toon
As executive producer, Steven Spielberg approves every character, story, background, and voice-over for Tiny Toons, which stars Hamton the pig, Buster and Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck. Background layout artist Eric Radomski checks to make sure characters’ colors stand out from the backgrounds.

Scene Setters
Lisa Leonardi and Eric Nordberg paint stills; director Art Leonardi and artist Eric Radomski look over backgrounds; Jean MacCurdy and producer Tom Ruegger do a last-minute quality check.

Animal Magnetism
The new characters (including the hapless, homeless cat Furball, and the bumbling Dizzy Devil, are like distant relatives of the classic Looney Tunes menagerie.

Tiny Toon Adventures
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