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By EW Staff
Updated September 21, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT

Can Bill Beat Bart?

TO BART: We hope you win, because you are the best (Aug. 31). You have the funniest show we’ve ever seen. Every time we watch we crack up. Good luck! And, eat my shorts, Cosbys! Hope you all had a good time while it lasted. The Simpsons are cool.
Christy Wolfe, Age 10
Bill O’Connor, Age 11
Alsip, Ill.

I cannot believe there is a single doubt in anyone’s mind about the outcome of the Cosby-Simpson dueling time slots. Bill and his clan are positive role models for Americans everywhere and his show is as sweet as it is funny. Bart’s rude, crude brood just can’t compete with those heartwarming Huxtables.
Max Melillo
Roswell, N.M.

News You Can Choose

The media is our window to the world, and when it decides for us what we see and hear, then the First Amendment fails. The statement by Peter M. Herford (of the University of Chicago) in your story (Aug. 31) on CNN’s Newsnight program, ”A journalist is supposed to tell people the news they need to know, not the news they want to know,” reveals his agenda: not freedom of the press, but tyranny of the press. CNN’s decision to give its viewers what they want helps destroy that tyranny. But I’ll bet the real reason everybody else in the news media is railing against CNN is because they’re angry they didn’t think of it first.
Marc Solomon

Maria Shriver

In his criticism of the TV special Cutting Edge With Maria Shriver (Aug. 31), Mark Harris observes, ”When Shriver donned Wayfarers, tossed back her hair, and drove Kirstie Alley around in a convertible, journalistic credibility was left at the curb.” Obviously, Mr. Harris has either forgotten, or is too young to remember, an interview Walter Cronkite conducted during the early 1960s with astronaut Wally Schirra in a convertible cruising a ang Florida’s Atlantic coastline. My point being: Ms. Shriver’s modus operandi was neither innovative nor ethically questionable.
John C. Heverly
Lock Haven, Pa.

Duran Duran

I read your magazine for pure pleasure, and take my chances when choosing entertainment. So I purchased Liberty by Duran Duran before receiving Issue 29 (Aug. 31). For nearly nine years I’ve enjoyed their music, while taking abuse from critics. Why is Duran-bashing a hobby that critics still relish? In short, Ira Robbins’ critique was harsh, biased, and, worst of all, predictable.
Catherine Sizemore
Hamilton, Ohio

‘Taking Care of Buisness’

I love your magazine, but I disagree with Owen Gleiberman about Jim Belushi’s new movie Taking Care of Business (Aug. 31). It is hilarious, and who are you, Owen, to say that Belushi isn’t a star? What about K-9 and Red Heat? All of my friends love Belushi. My parents saw the movie and even they said he was good.
Amy Burrows
Sewell, N.J.