Linda Blair's new role -- The ''Exorcist'' star discusses her comedic role in''Repossessed''

By Melina Gerosa and Christopher Henrikson
Updated September 21, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT

Although she doesn’t appear in the sequel The Exorcist III, original Exorcist star Linda Blair (in her devilish heyday, right) is still possessed. These days, however, the 31-year-old actress is poking fun at her head-spinning heritage in the new comedy Repossessed. In this movie Blair plays a grown-up she-devil who torments a couple of Jim and Tammy Bakker-like evangelists. ”Those jokes that people always make when they see me, well, I finally get to laugh at them, too,” she told Entertainment Weekly. ”I think this new movie is stupid and silly. And it’s not frightening…oh, God, no.” The problem with having played such a bizarre role as a youngster, Blair says, ”is that people assume I live a very dark life. But I don’t. I definitely would like to pursue comedy.” She’d also like to pursue Jodie Foster — or at least her scripts. ”She’s in my age range,” says Blair, who has starred mainly in B movies in recent years. ”Now it’s my time to get some of those good parts.”