By Susan Stewart
Updated September 21, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT

If music could save the earth, the 10 original songs that comprise this powerful collection would probably clean up our polluted rivers all by themselves. They’re that strong.

A Kid’s Eye View of the Environment‘s pop-rock songs (”My Electric Car,” the hyper ”Write to Your Senator”) are energetic and catchy, but the tunes you’ll remember are the slow ones. ”Greenhouse,” which actually contains the word ”chlorofluorocarbons,” has some expressive chords, as does the perfectly simple ballad ”The Air,” sung to great effect by a young girl. And ”Dans Tout le Monde Entier” (”All Over the World”), with verses in French and English, gets my highest praise: It’s so joyous and ecumenical it could be a Coke commercial.

Between songs, kids interviewed by Michael Mish wax cute about the planet. Some comments are silly (use cigarettes as automobile fuel). Some are so environmentally correct they’re scary (”Trees are much more important than even we are,” says one eco-terrorized tot).

But it’s a tough world. Maybe saving the earth is, as one boy said, ”gonna take a lot of hard strict people in office.” Daydreaming through ”Recycle It!,” I started thinking up my own oddball schemes for saving the planet. If Environment can raise the consciousness of this styrofoam-buying, disposable- diaper-using adult, think what it might do for kids. A-