Sean Young prepares for upcoming film -- How the star of ''Love Crimes'' is getting ready for her role as prosecutor

In Love Crimes, Sean Young is set to play a female prosecutor who becomes emotionally and sexually obsessed with a sex offender she’s trying to convict. While preparing for the part, Young showed up at the trial of the three teenagers charged in the notorious Central Park jogger assault, to observe the handling of the case by New York City Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Lederer. The outspoken actress also brings some personal history to the role. In 1988, actor James Woods brought legal action against Young, charging her with harassment after the two broke up. (Young has denied the charges and the suit was settled out of court in 1989 for an undisclosed amount.) According to Lizzie Borden (Working Girls), who’s directing the upcoming erotic thriller, that incident should help her performance. ”Sean’s been through a lot in the last few years and I think this is a way for her to get out a lot of her residual anger. She’s so fearless, what we want to do is take it further than what’s even on the page.”

Love Crimes
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