A Saddam documentary's rushed production -- Read how British filmmakers created ''Saddam Hussein - Defying the World'' in only 10 days

Saddam Hussein -- Defying the World

While not put together quite as quickly as Dan Rather’s interview with Saddam Hussein, a video documentary on the Iraqi leader and the political background of the Persian Gulf crisis is already on video. Barely a month after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein — Defying the World (Strand VCI) was on its way to video stores. Gathered, edited, and manufactured in 10 days, the 30-minute documentary reveals the Arab dictator as a product of years of turbulence. Using film shot by Britain’s International Television News and footage from Iraqi TV, the video shows Westerners making oil deals, Arab nationalists protesting foreign influence, and Iraq’s eight-year war with Iran. The most disturbing scenes may be of Saddam’s forces waging chemical warfare on his country’s rebellious Kurds.

Saddam Hussein -- Defying the World
  • Movie
  • 35 minutes