A ''RoboCop 2'' publicity stunt gone awry -- Promotion efforts for the sequel end in misunderstanding and jail time

RoboCop 2

To hype the Paris opening of RoboCop 2, an actor in complete RoboCop getup, accompanied by two attractive mademoiselles, cruised down the Champs-Elysees in a phony American police car passing out flyers promoting the movie. The spectacle attracted a large gathering, as well as the interest of a couple of passing gendarmes, and when Robo couldn’t produce the proper identification, he was hauled off to the slammer. There, a representative from Orion Pictures was successful in translating the term “publicity stunt” into French and the previously unstoppable cyborg cop was sprung in time for the first show.

RoboCop 2
  • Movie
  • 117 minutes