The future of cartoon cat ''Garfield'' -- Creator Jim Davis considers giving his animation a little more edge

Nobody ever accused Saturday morning cartoon cat Garfield of being too nice, but his creator, Jim Davis, thinks he still could use a little more bite. ”When Garfield came out in 1978 he had some texture compared to Charlie Brown,” says Davis, who has three CBS specials — Here Comes Garfield, Garfield on the Town, and Garfield Goes Hollywood — coming out on video this month (CBS/ Fox). ”Now The Simpsons are more realistic. Bart does a lot of burping and gesturing and scratching and grabbing, but that’s on Fox. I can’t get away with it on CBS. One time I had Garfield wake up Jon (his master) by grabbing him by the shoulders, but the network said that was too close to the neck. You don’t see Elmer Fudd shooting Daffy’s head away at point-blank range with a shotgun anymore, but that’s funny stuff. I don’t do real violence, but I’d like to get closer to it given the opportunity.”