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The Essential Elvis

I can’t believe it! Elvis Presley a great singer? Elvis actually acknowledged as a noteworthy actor who was steered wrong? And a drop-dead, gorgeous centerfold photo to boot! What more could an Elvis fan want? Thanks, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, for your respectful (finally!) look at the comprehensive works of The King.
Patricia Fitzgerald

Thank you for your Aug. 24 issue. It is nice to know that Elvis Presley is still commercially viable. He had one of the best voices the world has ever known. It’s too bad that it was wasted in so many trashy songs and movies. Elvis remains the King of rock, country, and gospel music. The man had a gift and he shared it with us. Those of us who listen are very lucky he chose to do so.
Raymond Cowburn
New Carlisle, Ohio

Pop Goes the Movies

I disagree with Ira Robbins’ opinion of La Bamba (Aug. 24). I’ve watched the movie several times and find Lou Diamond Phillips’ performance wonderful and believable. As for the ”simplistic romance” and ”corny script,” obviously the critic has no appreciation for the sweet innocence of romance in the ’50s. Kids didn’t romp naked and have wild sex on first dates in those days, and most cared about their mothers. I give the movie an A+, and a big raspberry to Robbins.
Mary Sancrant
Swannanoa, N.C.

‘Guys Next Door’

Thanks for the warning about the new TV show Guys Next Door (Aug. 24), NBC’s answer to New Kids on the Block. How can NBC compare them when the guys on Guys Next Door come across as fakes with little respect for women, while New Kids’ biggest dislike is prejudice? NBC is way off in a futile try to copy the top pop group since the Beatles.
Colleen Shogan
North Huntingdon, Pa.

‘Pump Up’

After reading your review of Pump Up the Volume (Aug. 24), I could think of only one question: How old is the guy writing this? ”Pump Up the Volume doesn’t get near today’s teenagers.” Sir, are you a teenager? I am, and this film got very close to me. If you didn’t like the movie that is your opinion, but do not accuse it of not coming close to today’s teenagers unless you are one.
Michael A. Thompson
Farmington Hills, Mich.

Tender Mercis

I seek to praise! I am a bartender at a Manhattan nightclub and, therefore, am called upon to voice opinion and recommendation on everything in current entertainment. The problem is that because I work from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. five nights a week I don’t get a chance to see what I am expected to be so knowledgeable about. Along comes your magazine and I’m a veritable sage. Thanks for a revolutionary, user-friendly map of today’s entertainment maze.
David Straten Remmert
New York

A song title in a review of Prince’s Graffiti Bridge album (Aug. 31) was incorrectly listed as ”359”; the song’s correct title is ”The Question of U.”