Bozo the clown casting call -- Producer Larry Harmon looks to expand the clown franchise

Larry Harmon is looking for a few good clowns. The 65-year-old entrepreneur (and founding Bozo) will hold open auditions in Hollywood this fall for aspiring jesters who want to star on local TV shows across the country. ”You’d be amazed how difficult it is to find good Bozos,” Harmon says. ”He’s not just another clown. He’s not just some guy wearing white makeup and floppy shoes. He’s an American institution.” The Bozo guru invented the red-haired character on Los Angeles television in 1959, trademarked the name, then franchised it to other cities. Six Bozo shows are currently in production across the country — in Philadelphia, Boston, Providence, Little Rock, Grand Rapids, and Chicago — and Harmon is hoping to produce programs in about a dozen more cities later this year. ”We held a similar audition about three years ago,” he says. ”About 500 , people showed up — doctors, lawyers, marine pilots, undertakers, you name it — all of them wanting to be Bozos. We chose two. Not just anybody can be a Bozo.”