Make-Believe Day

Make-Believe Day has diversity — its 11 songs include ballads, lullabys, and humor — but not much originality. Children’s performer Rory, not to be confused with folksinger Rory Block, offers an array of pleasant songs, smoothly performed. The only trouble is, they’re not very interesting.

In the building-young-minds category, ”I’m Gonna Be Somebody” has nice harmonies, but ”Make-Believe Day” is insipid. ”Family” presents the kind of self-evident message (”People are people/Just like you and me”) you’ve heard a million times.

Sharing writing and performing credits with guitarist Tom Guernsey, Rory sounds good whatever she’s singing. She also has a knack for unusual arrangements. ”Toys,” with an Andrews Sisters feel and some actual ”doo-wahs,” is fun. And her interpretation of the great ”Over the Rainbow” is so satisfying, you don’t automatically wish Judy Garland were singing it. There’s nothing wrong with Make-Believe Day — it just sounds like every other children’s recording you’ve enjoyed and then forgotten. B-

Make-Believe Day
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