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Mail from our readers

Mel Gibson
We loved the August 17 issue with Mel Gibson on the cover. He is gorgeous and our favorite actor. We saw Air America and thoroughly enjoyed it. We can hardly wait for Hamlet and Lethal Weapon 3. Thanks also for the fantastic pictures of hunky, blue-eyed Mel.
Beth, Katie, Betty, & Mary

The article on Mel Gibson, written by Dan Yakir, is the best article I’ve ever read about him. It reveals the human side of an incredible actor, whom we will no doubt read even more about when Hamlet is finished and released.
Nanette Breer
Westwood, Kan.

Your reference to Mel Gibson as ”beefcake” was appalling. Mr. Gibson is a man, not a piece of beef. Yes, he is handsome, but that gives you no reason to treat him with disrespect. He is a good person with a wife and six children. In the future, please refrain from treating him and other talented, good- looking men like empty pieces of beef just because they are popular actors.
Shellie Whitaker
Odessa, Tex.

As a die-hard Mel Gibson fan since 1980, I really enjoyed the cover story. However, I have to inform you that Mel’s first film was not Mad Max but rather an inauspicious Australian film, Summer City. Mel was only about 20 and has a completely forgettable bit part, certainly nothing that hinted at his inevitable stardom. Aside from that minor omission, I love your magazine.
Joan Weldon
Nebraska City, Neb.

I am quite disturbed by your cover for the Aug. 17 issue. On it, you state that Mel Gibson is out to prove that a hunk can play Hamlet. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the late Laurence Olivier already prove that point? All the ladies I know seem to think so!
R. Keith Sisk
Forest City, N.C.

Your story on Mel Gibson prompted me to write. At the sight of his face on the cover, I was excited to read the article. It is strange and unsettling to be so intrigued by someone one has never met. Knowing he has millions of fans only adds to his mystique.
Lucinda Vette
Oshkosh, Wis.

‘Wild at Heart’
Dear Owen Gleiberman: As to your review of Wild at Heart (August 17) it sounds like you know as much about David Lynch as you know about frolicking nude in Siberia.
John Seebach
El Paso, Tex.

‘Kids’ compliments
I want to congratulate Entertainment Weekly on its commitment to children! Your ”Kids” section is beautifully illustrated and neatly organized and your reviews are right on the mark. Parents and teachers who save these pages will have a nifty resource of hard-to-find info to use in the library, the bookstore, the record store, and the home video outlet.
Peggy Charren
President Action for Children’s Television
Cambridge, Mass.
Ed. note: ACT is a leading advocacy group for children’s TV programming.