Devo: Hardcore Vol. 1 74-77

Even sophisticated de-evolutionaries must have been ordinary people once, but these early home-made efforts show that Devo had its bizarre sound and concepts together well before unleashing them on the world. Amid distorted guitars, demented syncopations, high-strung vocals, and wiggly synthesizer squiggles, the songs in Hardcore — most never before released — clearly reflect the band’s warped worldview. ”I’m a Potato,” ”Buttered Beauties,” and ”Uglatto” are pungent Devo detritus; rare versions of ”Mongoloid,” ”Jocko Homo,” ”Satisfaction,” and ”Social Fools” up the album’s ante as illuminating anthropology, especially in light of the band’s creative decline in the ’80s. B

Devo: Hardcore Vol. 1 74-77
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