The Fanelli Boys

The Fanelli Boys is a guy version of The Golden Girls. These boys were created by the same writer-producers who brought us those girls, and the premise is similar: Four grown-up brothers living under one roof, joking, making blithely sexist remarks, and bickering nonstop.

One thing distinguishes The Boys from The Girls: The men live with their mother, a standard-issue tough-but-lovable old bird played by Ann Guilbert, whom baby-boomers will recall as neighbor Millie Helper on the original Dick Van Dyke Show. Otherwise, the boys all sound the same — the men jabber in identical tough-guy Italian accents, and I kept losing track of which Fanelli was which. Even so distinctive an actor as Joe Pantoliano, excellent in movies like Midnight Run, gets lost in this clichéd mess. D

The Fanelli Boys
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