Unplugged is this past season’s most innovative and pleasurable new music program. The show is built around a simple idea: Musicians who usually play with electronic instruments are invited to unplug — to perform acoustically.

Over the past few months, hard-rockers like Joe Satriani and Ted Nugent have turned in shockingly warm, gentle, intimate performances. Satriani played ) the banjo for a couple of his songs, and Nugent strummed a battered guitar and crooned a soft, bluesy version of his screaming rocker ”Cat Scratch Fever.” Other guests have ranged from Elton John to the Smithereens, and the show almost always has pleasant surprises. Sinead O’Connor you can probably imagine pulling off a good acoustic set, but Great White? These headbangers were thoroughly charming, and proved in the process that they don’t need big amplifiers to make good music. A

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