Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on violent movies, David Cassidy, and ''God's Coach''

Mail from our readers

  • Ultraviolence
  • Fabulous! I just wanted to say that your Aug. 3 issue was probably one of your finest so far. The article on ”ultraviolence” was an interesting change of pace. Call me gross, but I’m sure every reader paused there just as long, if not longer, than on any other article. Your magazine is great. Keep it up.
  • Cyndy Archer
  • Austin, Tex.

I enjoyed the ultraviolence piece, but feel it was misleading about a scene in Total Recall. Both the article and the chart that accompanied it referred to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character using an innocent bystander as a bullet shield. This implies that his character, who is the film’s hero, was responsible for the bystander’s death. In fact, the bad guys killed the bystander (who made the fatal error of standing in front of Arnold). Arnold then used the corpse to hide behind. A somewhat callous act, perhaps, but not the one of deliberate evil the article and chart might imply.
John Sherman
La Crescenta, Calif.

Oh give me a break! I’ve had enough of the media bashing violence in the movies. Why do you think these movies are so popular? If I wanted to see watered-down violence, I’d stay home and watch Hunter. I’m a big boy and I can decide for myself what is too graphic.
Thomas Schloeder
Tarzana, Calif.

Some people in America have very strange values. They throw a fit if their kids listen to music about love and sex, but they willingly allow their children to see films that feature the most gruesome types of violence. Their slogan must be: Make war, not love.
Joseph Gastman
Albuquerque, N.M.

  • David Cassidy
  • As a longtime follower of David Cassidy’s career, I was pleased to find an article on him in your Aug. 3 issue. For some of us, he doesn’t need a ”comeback,” since he was never really gone. I hope one day I will be lucky enough to thank him in person for the 20 years he has shared with us, and you can be sure I won’t call him Keith!
  • Louann Wojtalik
  • Hamtramck, Mich.

Thank you for your quite surprising and informative interview with David Cassidy. I grew up with The Partridge Family and still listen to the band. Entertainment Weekly — ”I Think I Love You.”
Mark Cruz
Rialto, Calif.

  • Lyons Undoes Dallas Fan
  • I wish to express my displeasure about something in Gene Lyons’ recent review of the book God’s Coach in your magazine (Aug. 10). I quote: ”The Cowboys were the first NFL team to costume their cheerleaders like hookers.” Wrong. Granted, when it was introduced in 1972, the uniform may have been different, but in no way could it be considered a manner of dress for prostitutes. The vest, halter top, and shorts are designed specifically for dancers’ movements.
  • Charles Neal Taylor
  • Chicago