Late Last Night

The title song of Joe Scruggs’ Late Last Night has neat sound effects and one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard on a children’s album. I could listen to it for hours, but my children, who are not old enough to be captivated by a melodic line, or even to recognize one, would go crazy. So Scruggs has filled much of the rest of this 11-song collection with toddler music: repetitive, cute, serviceable.

”Wiggle in My Toe” and ”Ants in My Pants” hold no surprises; they will likely elicit a giggle or two, though not from you. ”Peanut Butter” (”My-oh-my, I sure love…”) is the usual hymn to immature taste buds, ”The Other Shoe” (”where could it be?/It hides from you/and it hides from me”) the usual acknowledgement that kids are messy.

But a few songs here go beyond the usual. ”Turn Around Game” is both clever and pretty, and ”Please Don’t Bring a Tyrannosaurus Rex to Show and Tell” (”The last one that we had, I’m afraid,/Was not very well behaved”) is one of the best dinosaur songs I have ever heard — and believe me, I’ve heard a lot of them. B+

Late Last Night
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