By Jeff Unger
Updated August 17, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT

Let’s speak frankly here: Bumpety Boo looks like the Oscar Mayer wiener wagon with its tail snarfed off. The differences are that Bumpety is yellow, can talk, and takes on Superman-like strength after smelling a flower. We meet the atypical auto at the start of Bumpety Boo, a seemingly interminable cartoon as it hatches from an egg in a junkyard. Kenny, a boy in blue overalls, sneakers, and a red baseball cap, rescues Bumpety just before he is mashed into Bumpety goo.

The whereabouts of Bumpety’s mother are unknown. This provides an excuse for Bumpety and Ken to head off on a search for the missing mom. Early on, an evil-looking man intent on car-napping appears on the scene, adding the one and only subplot to this adventure, which is reminiscent of typical Saturday- morning TV fare.

Bumpety and Ken’s odyssey consists mainly of daring rescues and narrow escapes — the sort of stuff that fascinates younger kids. But the transitions between scenes are clumsy or nonexistent and the animation is at best routine.

By the time Bumpety and Ken finish this exhausting journey, they’ve been on land, in the air, and on the sea. All told, this is one trip that is just too bumpety. Boo. C-