Memories of Murder

The Lifetime channel offers its first made-for-TV movie with this goofy mystery. Nancy Allen (RoboCop, Blow Out) stars as a woman who wakes up one morning in a nice suburban home containing a nice husband and a nice little girl. Problem is, she has no idea who they are.

Allen has amnesia, and she spends the length of the movie trying to find out who she is and why a villain played by the beautiful but bland Vanity is trying to kill her. Memories of Murder is full of romance-novel dialogue (”You brought me back from the brink of despair,” says Allen’s husband) and at least one scene that’s simultaneously frightening and funny, but unintentionally so: Allen can’t remember where her stepdaughter’s school is, so the hapless little kindergartener gives her directions as they drive (”Turn here, Mommy — no, not left, right!” Screech!).

Allen walks around as if she’s just been hit on the head by RoboCop. Her glassy eyes and murmured line-readings are supposed to convey her amnesiac state. Instead, she comes uncannily close to reproducing the state of catatonia that Memories of Murder will induce in anyone who watches it. D

Memories of Murder
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