Daring Dewey

Throughout Daring Dewey‘s 12 original songs, folk artist Dave Kinnoin comes across as a caring guy. He wants you to love your friends, your grandparents, your Earth, and yourself. You want to love Dave Kinnoin and his music in return. But five minutes after hearing these songs, you can barely remember them.

The music is energetic but predictable folk-rock. Paired with the right words, it might stick. But Kinnoin’s words have no edge, no point of view. Often the most you can say about a line is that it rhymes. And sometimes even that’s a struggle, as in this couplet: ”Gramma loves to fix us dinner (pronounced ”dee-ner”)/And give us rides on the vacuum cleaner.”

When Kinnoin keeps things simple, the result is a pretty ballad such as ”We Have a Song.” But when he takes on a more complex topic, his blurriness is exposed. From ”First You Make a Note,” about the creative process: ”Sashay into a trance/Let your marbles dote on how they will take the chance….Put your toys away, and be sure to hide the shelf.” True nonsense, such as Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky” or surrealism, has a core of logic behind the whimsy. This is just awkward writing. C

Daring Dewey
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